Three times World Bachata Champions come to Prague for the second time! The stars of italian bachata are well-known accross the world thanks to their breathtaking performances and romantic social dances. You can look forward not only to their great funny workshops, but also on their speciality - Bachata Acrobatica. You cannot miss that!

One of the most beneficial workshops at every festival traditionally belongs to Alex and Laura. This Spanish couple is focused on musicality, techniques of sensual bachata and other elements, which will bring your dancing much forward. Cannot wait to see the Barcelona Sensual Style!

Bachata lunatics from London will share their great dancing energy. You will be able to enjoy Daniel also as a DJ at our parties, he will not let you sit still. You will fall in love with Pebbles for her sexy moves and her awesome smile, which she always brings with her everywhere. It is definitely them, who create great atmosphere at every party!

This year once again we can welcome energetic Sergio, this time with his new partner Beige. Sergio started his career on Canary Islands, where he was specializing on Bachatu Sensual, Timba Cubano, Salsa Casino, rumba and afro. Currently he lives, dances and teaches in Vienna together with Zsuzsannou Bojte alias Beige. Beige, originating from Hungary, founded a dancing school named MyDance Vienna. Her love to dance grew up from the childhood already, when she danced ballet, jazz, hip-hop, later salsa Cross Body Style, chacha and bachata.

Triple winners of the BachataStars Hungary, double winners of the BachataStars Poland and the finalists of the World Final this year are coming to Prague for the first time.

The couple, who dance together since 2009, enjoy Bachata Sensual the most. If you ask their students do describe these teachers, the common response is: funny, friendly and cool. This is exactly how their workshops at Bachata Magic Festival will be.

Valentin and Adina have their unique bachata style, which you will fall in love with. They combine Bachata Sensual with elements from other styles including dominican bachata. Valentin is a founder of the biggest dancing school in Romania, Salsa Factory. He felt in love with bachata ten years ago, when he also became a champion of Romania multiple times. He even got the fifth place at the World Latin Dance Cup with his performance in 2010 in San Diego. Together with his partner Adina, they work together for over two years, including teaching at international salsa and bachata festivals.



DJ Tronky is a special guest for the third edition of the Bachata Magic Festival. Author of the best bachata remixes will come to Prague from Rome. You can definitely look forward to this!

All bachata parties in London "belong" to DJ Chong. He will bring numerous dominican and sensual bachata songs for you to Prague.