Three times World Bachata Champions come to Prague for the second time! The stars of italian bachata are well-known accross the world thanks to their breathtaking performances and romantic social dances. You can look forward not only to their great funny workshops, but also on their speciality - Bachata Acrobatica. You cannot miss that!

One of the most beneficial workshops at every festival traditionally belongs to Alex and Laura. This Spanish couple is focused on musicality, techniques of sensual bachata and other elements, which will bring your dancing much forward. Cannot wait to see the Barcelona Sensual Style!

Bachata lunatics from London will share their great dancing energy. You will be able to enjoy Daniel also as a DJ at our parties, he will not let you sit still. You will fall in love with Pebbles for her sexy moves and her awesome smile, which she always brings with her everywhere. It is definitely them, who create great atmosphere at every party!

After his successful workshops, Chris is back in Prague, this time with his dancing partner Noor. Chris is more than just a nice dancer thanks to his classical dance education, soft leading and feeling of the music. Noor is an elegant and beautiful bachatera, and she definitely is a cherry on top of our festival. Ladies and gentlemen, you should definitely look forward to her ladies styling!

This will be the first time when Sergio & Ana are in Prague, currently the third couple of the World Bachata Masters. Their bachata home is Sevilla, where the couple regularly teach and from where they travel to the international festivals. Both Sergio & Ana have long-time experience of dancing salsa, and if you would have asked them which do they prefer more salsa or bachata, they won't be able to answer. At the workshops they will show not only the dancing technique, but also the true meaning of bachata.

With over 7 years of Latin Dance experience Miro has been teaching and DJ-ing Bachata for the last 3 years, both nationally and internationally and has choreographed and performed in various events. In summer 2015, Miro was personally invited by Korke to take part in a unique teacher training course amongst a handful of other teachers within Europe.



Honza Kaltoun alias DJ Ingeniero, timbero and bachatero, plays in numerous clubs in Prague. You can bet you will hear his favourite “Chivalry Is Dead” song.

All bachata parties in London "belong" to DJ Chong. He will bring numerous dominican and sensual bachata songs for you to Prague.

Miro is a DJ, who likes energetic bachata instead of monotonic melodies. Even though he doesn't like to choose, currently his favourite bachatas are "Por favor" from 24 Horas and "Horoscopeo" from D. Marte. As a good DJ, he wishes to inspire dancers with his music, and we hope that you will enjoy the flow with him on the dancefloor.